Gleaning: A Biblical Act of Genorosity

​Huffington Post 9/22/2011

I had no epiphany. No transcendental enlightenment. At least not while I was walking down the long and verdant corridors of cornrows swaying and swishing like some cosmic leafed-out beaded curtains. I was there to work, to glean ripe sweet corn, one cob at a time... twist and tug, twist and tug, twist and tug... until my little corner of the field was harvested.

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Fasting (or not) on Yom Kippur

​Huffington Post 10/06/2011

The fast will soon be here. Twenty-four hours without coffee and meals -- the creature comforts, routines and calories that get me through my day. On this Yom Kippur, the highest of high Jewish holidays, I'll be doing my best at not-eating. In observance with my congregation, I'll wear white and skip the leather.

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Blessed Meat

​Huffington Post 12/27/2011

It was truly blessed meat. Over every animal held in arms and slaughtered, a prayer was said as the swift, sharp deed of taking life in sacrifice was made. There is no denying the gravity of these transforming moments when man, animal, prayer, blade and blood meet. Life is messy...

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